Pecha Kucha 32 – Occupying the Post-Industrial City

The Whisky Bond

2 Dawson Road



Tuesday 20 June

7pm – 9pm

Curated By




Elie Lakin, Jason Bruges Studio

Amica Dall, Assemble

Valentina Karga

Ainslie Roddick, CCA

Angus Farquhar, NVA

David Cook

Chris Leslie


Kat Loudon, Design by Zag

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Like many cities, Glasgow has a wealth of vacant buildings and sites following industrial decline. As demand for space changes, we need to explore processes that are less capital intensive and quicker to respond to people and change.

Test Unit is a summer school and events programme that aims to nurture a relationship between people and place through building capacity to initiate grass-roots projects, and place culture, people and education at the heart of regeneration.

This Pecha Kucha will feature Test Unit 2017’s five facilitators who’ll be sharing their individual practice and the ‘prototypes-in-progress’ at this mid-way point. They’ll be joined by other leading cultural innovators exploring the central theme of ‘Occupying the Post-Industrial City’.


Elie Lakin


Ainslie Roddick


Angus Farquhar


Valentina Karga


Lee Ivett & Neil McGuire


Kat Loudon


Recoat Design


David Cook


Chris Leslie