TAKTAL at Testbed



21st May 2011




33 Parkgate Road
SW11 4NP



Curated By

Brian Macken



Participating Artists

Tetsuro Nagata
Kite and Laslett
David Di Duca
Paul Nicholls
Jonathan Gales
Richard Hardy



Music / Performance

Lime Headed Dog




TAKTAL invited the people of Wandsworth to visit and engage with the experimental art space Testbed1 as part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival 2011.. The ex dairy warehouse complex is a stunning sequence of spaces beside Ransomes Dockwhich is largely unknown. Through the construction of a series of large scale interactive installations we propose to transform Testbed1 into a space of visual splendor. A combination of Architecture and Visual Arts each installation manipulated and paid with the spatial qualities within the Testbed1 complex enticing users to engage with the space and have fun. The exhibition was a collaboration between ex-students from the Bartlett School of Architecture, Westminster School of Architecture and the Glasgow School of Art.





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