Pecha Kucha 31 -Making Economy


The Whisky Bond

2 Dawson Road



Thursday 20 April

7pm – 9pm


Curated By




Chris Hellawell, The Edinburgh Tool Library
Eleanor Campbell, WEvolution
Brian Morgan, Jangling Space
Robert Patience, Studio MOGER
Katie Jo Anderson, The Stove Network
Ailie Rutherford, The Peoples Bank of Govanhill
Gloria Murray, Castlemilk Timebank
Sarah Diver-Lang, Go Get Gorbals (icecream architecture)
Bottle of Ginger
Emma Erwin, Transition Stirling
The Bike Station



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Our current economy, proliferated on resource consumption and monetary gain, is leading us towards an unsustainable future of scarcity and social hierarchy.
Increasingly there is a need for another option, an alternative economy that produces more sustainable relationships between communities and their environment.

Across Scotland there are numerous projects that implement alternative economies either by sharing resources or empowering people to create. Moving away from a monetary-based value system, these alternative models generate value through the distribution of skills and the sharing of resources.

Creative and craft-based practices are often at the heart of these projects, producing the idea of an economy based on making. These projects champion peer-to-peer educational structures, the sharing of resources and sustainable community development by empowering people to connect, share and make together.
Other projects challenge the economy by creating disruptive alternatives, commonly in the form of local currencies or co-operative ownership structures.

In this series of talks we’ll hear from both strands of projects that either represent a craft-based ‘making’ economy or that endeavour to make their own, through community ownership, collaboration and equality.



Abigale Neate Wilson


Chris Hellawell


Brian Morgan


Robert Patience


2nd hand scenery


Victoria Leiper


Eleanor Campbell


Katie Jo Anderson


Ailie Rutherford


Sarah Diver Lang


Emma Erwin