Pecha Kucha 26 – Great Minds Don’t Think Alike




The Whisky Bond
2 Dawson Road
Glasgow, G4 9SS



Curated By

Social Innovation League




Jeremie Warner, Power A Life

Lynn Wilson, Zero Waste Scotland

Scott Kennedy, Revive

Tim Hartley, Impact Ready

Pete Masters, Missing Maps

Michael Matovu, Radiant & Brighter CIC

Robbie Norval, Lingo Flamingo

Simon Sharkey, National Theatre of Scotland

David Cook, NVA

Bruce Gunn, Delivered Next Day Personally





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Social Entrepreneur


1. a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems oreffecting social change.

(Oxford Dictionaries)


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike will present a range of speakers who are developing creative solutions that make a positive difference to our world. These are out-of-the-box thinkers and doers who are breaking through traditional structures and existing norms, presenting new ways to help the most marginalised people and tackling head on some of the big issues we are facing in society today.



Pecha Kucha - Social Innovation League - TAKTAL Glasgow




Pete Masters – Missing Maps


Pheona Matovu – Radiant and Brighter


Tim Hartley – Impact Ready

Simon Sharkey – National Theatre of Scotland

Scott Kennedy & Becca – Revive

Robbie Norval – Lingo Flamingo

Lynn Wilson – Circular Economy

Jeremie Warner – Power A Life





TAKTAL Pecha Kucha Social Innovation League