Agile City



April 2015 – Current




Our Role

Agile City is a self initiated cultural research project that considers how grass-roots initiatives can be more responsive to their communities.



When developing spaces and places often the focus is on the physical outcome instead of designing processes that can be reactive to social and economic change.

We believe it’s important to have an holistic approach and consider the design of processes, business models and delivery structures that create sustainable projects.

We research urban projects whilst also looking to other industries such as manufacturing, design and the tech sector – which are adaptive and can respond quickly to their customers and communities.

By sharing innovative practices we aim to support grass-roots projects in being more sustainable and contributing to make our cities more vibrant places to live.


Some examples of the projects we have documented:


Agile City is a self initiated cultural research project Green Light For Mid-town

Green Light For Midtown Project is an innovative example of piloting city development. It used simple and cheap interventions to quickly test and measure how traffic could be stopped along a busy section of Broadway and Times Square could be turned into a pedestrian plaza.  More info here.


Agile City is a self initiated cultural research project Google Sprint Project

Design Sprint has been developed by Google Ventures as a hardy, 5 day process that answers critical questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas. More info here.


TAKTAL_Agile City_Ramlabour_community development

Open House is a community designed and built structure in the city of Anyang in South Korea that showcases the unique qualities of the local community, built by and for the community.



TAKTAL_Agile City_unMonastery_social innovation

unMonastery is a growing international network of social innovators who’s ambition is to empower and develop active citizenship. More info here