TAKTAL is a spatial development agency.

We are based in Glasgow where there is an abundance of vacant buildings and sites following industrial decline. We develop projects to activate these spaces in sustainable ways.

With experience in architecture, space management and events we connect people and spaces to create social, economic and cultural value.
Agile City is a self initiated research project that considers how cultural and community projects can be more responsive to their communities.
We produce a quarterly Pecha Kucha event - quick fire talks from influencers and instigators, each show 20 images for 20 seconds.
We are responsible for developing a creative community for The Whisky Bond and manage the communications, events and lettings of workspace.
We've been working closely with The Glue Factory to research new business models and programming and governance systems to help establish a sustainable arts venue and workspace.
Working closely with the building owners we developed a coworking space for the creative community of Glasgow. We designed the space, communication strategy and business model. We're now responsible for the ongoing management of the space and the events programme.
For Sonica 2013 we were commissioned to find a unique space and deliver an ambitious programme of work as part of the sonic art festival.